It’s easy to use... just collect everything in one place

Keep simple notes

Simple text editing making it easy to add notes or important text to your beacon.

Upload photos and files

UBReg supports all common file types including JPGs, PDFs, Word, Excel, and many more.

Save website links

Keep a store of all of the places on the internet that are important to you within your beacon.

Store locations

Help people find you, or create memories of the places you have visited.

...and then share the link to the people who need it

Great for organising your big day

Include your wedding location, reception details, gift lists, menu information, contact information and image galleries, all in one place

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Making sure your lost pet gets back in your house quickly

Convert your beacon to a QR code and get notified when your pet is found. Include your location information and contact details

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Keeping family memories in one place for generations to see

Upload image galleries or documents, or link to different image galleries across different platforms to bring them all together in one place

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...and so many more ways
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